Rad Show Last Night at Detroit Bar–Where Was Everyone Else?

LA-area bands The Parson Red Heads, The Fling, The Monolators and Crash Kings (OK, the Fling are from Long Beach) played an excellent show last night at Detroit Bar. For only 5 bucks! The only problem is that pretty much no one was there to see it.

Sure, it was not only a Tuesday, but a Cinco de Mayo, so most of the
people that were out and about were probably at a much more typically
festive event than that show. But for such a solid lineup–The
Monolators (pictured in a terrible, terrible iPhone photo) killed it
with their stripped-down, frenetic rock–there was no more than, say,
15 people in the crowd at any given time (and many of them were members
of the other bands).

I don't put the blame on the bands at
all–the show was woefully underpromoted. I didn't even know about it
until the night before, when I saw a flier at Detroit Bar the night
before. It wasn't on the venue's Web site,
for whatever reason. And I know all the odds were against the show no
matter what, given the occasion. Yet it was still a bummer. How can we
expect talented bands of this ilk, even given their close geographic
proximity, to keep playing around here if this is the kind of support
they get? The last time the Parson Red Heads, performers of lovely,
folk-pop, played Orange County, it was at the Yost a couple months ago,
and there was possibly even less people there.

Let this be a lesson: Go to more shows, people.

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