Outgoing: Killers of Comedy at the Grove of Anaheim

Shalom, everybody. The Killers of Comedy Show scheduled for Friday at the Grove of Anaheim has been canceled, somewhat mysteriously. Refunds available at the point of purchase.

The show, which features comedians/weirdos made famous through The Howard Stern Show–Rev. Bob Levy, Shuli, Beetlejuice, Yucko the Clown–disappeared from the Grove's main page, and the listing has been changed to “canceled.” No word on why the show was canceled, but it's a bummer for Stern show fans, especially after Ryan Ritchie's interview with Shuli (pictured, clearly the most normal member of that crew-kind of the Marilyn Munster of the gang) right here on Heard Mentality earlier this week.

In order to help the healing process, enjoy this video of frequent Killers of Comedy performer and former WWF superstar Iron Sheik. It's extremely played out for those already familiar, but smart money says a lot of people out there still haven't seen it. What terribly colorless lives you must lead, not witnessing a 60-year-old wrestler threaten an old co-worker with sodomy.

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