No September Residency at Detroit Bar This Week, Local Shows Fill Gaps

Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa has distinguished itself for many things, but one element is definitely their monthly Monday night residency, where a Southern California act plays a weekly free show. Last month it was LA's Dawes, before that, Costa Mesa heavy metal outfit Pistolero. Well, none of that's happening this month, but there's a good reason.

Out of the four Mondays in September, one has already passed–that would be last night's very much sold out show with recent Nine Inch Nails openers Mew. The fourth Monday in September is also occupied by another internationally renowned touring act, !!! (pronounced Chk Chk Chk, as we're contractually obligated to note).

So that leaves only two free Mondays in the month, which really wouldn't be much of a “residency.” More like crashing on a friend's couch for a couple hours before you're sober enough to drive home. So for those interim Mondays, the couch-crashers include OC band Stereofix, pictured, who are playing on September 14 with Relative Strangers and Dial Tone. Free show.

The residencies will come roaring back in October, though exactly who isn't known yet. November, though? Pop Noir.

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