New T.S.O.L. Album Available as Free Download

There's no greater representation of the true punk aesthetic than giving your music away for free. Giving it away with the help of a corporate sponsor, well, that's a little different, but I guess reflective of these challenging times we're facing. You just can't d.i.y. like y. used to.

Veteran Long Beach punk band TSOL is releasing their latest studio album, the cheekily titled, 10-track Life, Liberty N the Pursuit of Free Downloads, today as a free download–none of those morally loaded In Rainbows “how much do you WANT to pay?” tricks here–through Costa Mesa-based surfing/skating/other things I'm too lame to do clothing company Hurley. The album was recorded just a couple of weeks ago, from Dec. 17-24. You can really expedite these matters without a physical release, natch.

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