MTV Chooses Huntington Beach for Next Season of Real World?

As tipped off by our craft blogger/KROQ listener Steph Calvert: This morning, KROQ's Kevin N Bean entertainment report stated that MTV's 24th (seriously! Twenty-four!) season of the Real World will be set in Huntington Beach.

Though we're having some issues tracking anything down to confirm this, all we can find online is that MTV will be hosting open casting calls in both Huntington and San Diego on Dec. 5. Apparently, a member of the Real World: Sydney cast will also be on hand to help with interviews–did anyone even watch that season?

In the meantime: Can you imagine MTV cameras invading the already obnoxious enough Main Street? Think you'll see a cast member or two ruining your local Wahoo's, Sugar Shack or Tuna Town some time in the near future? For more info on the casting call, just click here.

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