Morrissey: Meat Still Murder

Until earlier this week, I couldn't say I gave half a shit about anything Morrissey did post-Smiths. But something changed as I got word that the Moz is teaming with designer Stella McCartney (her dad's a bassist who played in some band…starts with a “B” or something) for a line of vegan shoes. As a vegan who has a difficult time finding appropriate footwear, this is exciting for me.

Will the famed crooner be wearing said shoes at his appearance Monday at the Fox Theater in Pomona? No. That's because the line will be launched in early 2010. Maybe if you're lucky, he'll rock a prototype. Either way, kudos Morrissey. Can't say I know squat about your solo work, but I commend anyone doing vegan-friendly things.

P.S. If you read this Moz, please play “Panic” for me. I love that song.

P.P.S. And if you are reading this, I might as well point out the fact that you turned down a reported $5 million to reunite the Smiths at Coachella is either the dumbest or bravest move I've ever heard a musician make.

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