More Art House Ruckus Tommorrow: Tubby Boots and Elders at AAA Electra

Man, I must be feeling really nostalgic today. Another artist den very close to my heart, AAA Electra 99, is brandishing it's line-up of angst-ridden, creative rockers at a show at their place tomorrow in Anaheim. Long Beach jam band Tubby Boots (no relation to the late comedian Charles “Tubby” Boots…ask your grandparents or something) is set to perform with a band called Elders from Fullerton (pictured above). 

It's a good weekend to check out some relatively obscure bands that you may hear the Weekly talking about in the future. If funk is your flavor of choice TB's loose sculpted jams sound pretty satisfying from what I've heard. Then you have twangy garage rockers Elders, who's sound is sure to satisfy your taste for the frazzled energy of college radio ready bands of late. The show kicks off at 9 p.m. It's $5 for members, $8 for non members. For those of you who don't know what that means, just bring $8. I also suggest getting there early and asking the owner/curator, Richard Johnson for a tour of the place, you won't regret it. I really need to get back to this place.

Check out more info on AAA Electra 99 on their, you guessed it, myspace page

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