Miley Cyrus in Anaheim Tomorrow, Next Stop…Hell?

Miley Cyrus is really popular. Hit songs, hit movie, hit TV shows, she even “wrote” a “book.” But not everyone is quite so enthralled with the teen pop star/country singer/actress/author/maker of somewhat questionable career decisions. Like these folks, who protested outside her show in San Jose on Sunday.

Sadly, the video lacks any real explanation as to why, exactly, Cyrus is going to Hell, or what authority these dudes have to make such a bold proclamation. But you can guess the first part (that pole-assisted Teen Choice Awards performance, the creepy Vanity Fair photos, not sticking with Hannah Montana beyond a shortened fourth season, putting her image on penis-shaped candy) and reasonably conclude the second (total bullshit). It seems odd that someone capable of delivering as uplifting a tune as “The Climb” would be destined for eternal damnation, but who knows what the criteria is for such things these days.

Hell-bound or not, Cyrus is in concert tomorrow at the Honda Center, and if a bunch of random wackos are correct (and let's be honest, they usually are), this might be your last chance to see her before an eternity entrenched in the river Styx. Her greatest crime, in our estimation? In-character outfits like this:

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