Mickey Nixes Metal Concert

Raise your hand if you saw this coming…

The powers that be at Walt Disney Properties have pressured concert promoter Live Nation into cancelling tomorrow’s Machine Head show at the House Of Blues, the reason being “violent imagery, undesirable fans and inflammatory lyrics”.

The Happiest Place On Earth? Not if you’re a metal fan. Mickey thinks you’re “undesirable”, therefore not welcome in his squeaky clean Magic Kingdom.

Censorship? Discrimination? Click here for the full story, then decide for yourself.

Cancelled less than 48 hours before the show (although tickets had been on sale for 2 months), Live Nation’s Paul McGuigan miraculously moved the show to the Glass House in Pomona with just a day’s notice.

All tickets will be honored at the Glass House on Friday September 7, for those willing to travel to Pomona instead of Anaheim (a 25 mile difference). Those unwilling to make the drive can have their tickets refunded in full.

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