Metal News: New Charred Walls of the Damned Single

In some circles, he's a Midwestern comedian known for his penchant for homosexual stunts, making phony phone calls using a woman's voice (although no one ever falls for it) and his belief that the best pizza in New York comes from Papa Jon's. But to others, Richard Christy is a metal drummer from hell (in metal, that's a compliment).

After hitting the skins for Death, Iced Earth and Incantation, the Howard Stern Show funnyman has assembled a new group called Charred Walls of the Damned, a quartet featuring former Judas Priest singer Tim “Ripper” Owens. The band has a full-length album coming out Feb. 2 on Metal Blade Records, but for those who can't wait, today the band issued two previews (“Ghost Town” and a promo that includes a few clips of songs) on its Myspace page.

No word on whether or not Christy will tour with Charred Walls of the Damned, but if he does, I have a feeling he might not be licking any taints. 

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