Mark Mothersbaugh Brings “Rugs! Rugs! Rugs!” Exibit to Hibbleton Gallery

Who knew that something you wipe you feet on everyday had the potential to be art? In the case of Hibbleton Gallery's new exhibit by Mark Mothersbaugh (co-founder of DEVO and Mutato Muzika),you see how an ordinary bed and bathroom accessory can be transcended into a surreal, cartoon mantelpiece. This month, Hibbleton welcomes Mothersbaugh's latest exhibit “Rugs! Rugs! Rugs!”, a selection of 12 custom rugs featuring imagery from his previous artwork from his Post Card Diaries image bank. The exhibit opened last Friday, Dec. 4 and runs until Dec. 27.
For Mothersbaugh, the habit of illustrating on post cards is a binding
obsession 30 years in the making, since the glory days of DEVO.
Gradually, his eye-popping vintage cartoons became the foundation for
much of his art. The basis of this exhibit is a literal transference of
his best works onto rugs. Of course, don't expect to walk away with one
of these masterpieces without dropping some green. Online,
Mothersbaugh's rugs sell for $275-$850. So unless your feet have very
expensive tastes, we would suggest hanging it up somewhere.

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