Look Daggers Re-Emerge at The Prospector this month

Okay, so maybe this blog post is a bit premature considering the Look Daggers' show at The Prospector is a solid 10 days away. After all, 10 ten days in the bloggosphere, might as well be 10 years. But somehow, I'm convinced that fans of Ikey Owens' progressive hip hop side project will need some advanced notice.

The band seemed to be in hibernation for a while following the release of their debut CD/DVD release Suffer in Style back in October of 2008. You may or may not remember the article I did on them waaayyy back then. Check it HERE. But in between the busy schedules of Owens, rapper 2 Mex and the rest of the band (Travis Laws, Chris Clawson, Mendee Ichikawa and Jesee Wilder) the delay is pretty understandable.

The band is playing their first show of 2009 down at The Prospector in Long Beach on July 23 at 9p.m. (well, probably not right at 9p.m. but you probably already guessed that). In preparation, the bands label, Up Above Records, is offering a sale on their album along with a copy of the Before You Say No 7″ single with FREE  shipping anywhere in the Continental U.S. until the day of the show. That deal is definitely worth taking a stab at.

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