Local Download of the Week: The Colourist's 'Yes Yes'

The Colourist, made up of Kollin Johannsen (bass), Justin Wagner (keys),
Adam Castilla (guitar), and Maya Tuttle (drums), describe their music as “majestic jungle rock.”
that translates to eclectic harmonies, dance-y pop and each member
playing multiple instruments at live shows, then we concur.

Hear it for yourself:
 “Yes Yes” is off the Colourist's
current EP and was recently featured in the Keeping Up with the Kardashians wedding
special. Tuttle says everyone in the band writes lyrics and music for
their songs; in this case, Castilla wrote the lyrics for “Yes Yes.”


What's it about? “Whatever you go through, something inside you will help you get through it.”

Tuttle is definitely big on the OC music, but doesn't think there's a specific sound associated with the geography: “I'm a big fan of local bands like Aushua and Box Hall Broadcast, and we don't sound too much like them. I don't think there's a specific Orange County sound, but there is a lot of talent and people doing interesting things here.”

Watch out: The band is recording new music in January and planning a Southwest US tour in March. 

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