Late Slip: Deep Sea Diver on Daytrotter. Right on Time: Dobson tours with Yeah Yeah Yeahs

So back in June, I mentioned that Long Beach singer/song writer Jessica Dobson (aka Deep Sea Diver) would be hanging out with her band in good ole' Rock Island, Illinois to record some tracks for Daytrotter during her summer tour with Connor Oberst and the Mystic Valley band. Remember how excited you were when I told you that? But after months of going back to the Daytrotter website in hopes of stumbling onto some DD tracks…I found nothing. Gradually, I started checking on it less and less, as if it were a grandma in an old folks home.

Then today, about three months later, I decide to check one more time for old times sake…and there it was: the cartoon copy of Dobson and her band (bass player Eugene Owens, and drummers Peter Mansen and Evan Trine). Their music was posted on AUG. 28. I guess following up pays off huh? Anyway, here's a link to their Daytrotter Session. You're welcome. But that's not even the best news for Dobson. Turns out she's landed a spot on another HUGE tour.

According to a blog post by Dobson this past Saturday, she is yet again the
luckiest girl in the world. Why you ask? Have you ever gotten a call
from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs asking you to play with them on an upcoming
tour? Thought not. But it turns out, Dobson was asked that very
question to which she replied “most definitely”. Looks like she'll be
joining them on bass and keys for their upcoming tour which includes their SOLD OUT show at the Fox Theater in Pomona tomorrow. Fortunately, I should have some coverage of that for you guys, and maybe even some pics. Though, you can rest assured that the write up won't take three months to post.

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