LA Weekly: Buddyhead Redux

There were Web sites back in 1998? Sure were! After all, that's the year Travis Keller and Aaron North started LA-based Buddyhead, the influential, infamous (Keller once sneaked into Fred Durst's office to steal red baseball caps and sell them on eBay!), shit-talking and genuinely beloved (well, probably not by Fred Durst) music site that spawned a record label of the same name.

The site went dormant in 2005, and, as the Web goes, pretty much disappeared from memories as it disappeared online. But, this past March, Keller brought it back (current headlines include “Less Queer Than His Fans: Buddyhead VS Mountain Goats“), and the whole story is detailed on this week's cover article of our sister paper LA Weekly. There's also a great tale of Keller talking Led Zep with Marilyn Manson. Here it is!

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