Kid Sister + Flosstradamus + Early Arrival = Half-Off Tickets

There's no getting around it: the coolest show in town this weekend is clearly Kid Sister and Flosstradamus, this Friday (that's tomorrow!) at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa. Kid Sister is a long-blogged about rapper named after an '80s doll; Flosstradamus is a DJ duo that includes Kid Sister's younger brother, J2K. (Sort of disorienting, sure.) Both are from Chicago, which is pretty cool. The show also represents the triumphant return of BusyWork resident DJ Dan Sena to Detroit (the Wednesday night dance par-tays have been replaced by “Pistol” in recent weeks), and features opening act Totally Michael. While it's hard to call the considerably self-awarely geeky Totally Michael “cool,” but he does have a song (“Casual Satisfaction”) where the chorus is “Damn girl, you make my dick erect, my dick erect” followed by a female singing “Ooh ooh boy, you make my pussy wet, my pussy wet,” so that's something.

So how can this alright too-cool-for-school night possibly get even a shred cooler? Why, by adding the coolest element of all: value! Those that RSVP (read: send an e-mail) to lb*@de********.com will get $10 admission before 10 p.m. (doors open at 8); a savings of $10 off the normal ticket price. Yes, that's 50% off a show that's easily twice as cool as anything else going on that night. (OK, I think we've exhausted our daily allotment of any and all derivations of the word “cool.” Sorry about that.) Yeah, getting to a place before 10 p.m. may not be very cool hip, but given how much is going on with this show, you'll be doing yourself a service in the long-run.

If you need any more tempting, relevant tracks including Kid Sister's current hit “Right Hand Hi,” are after the jump.


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