Kanye West Photoshop Craze in Full Effect

Move over, lolcats. The hot new Photoshopped macro thing is all about Kanye West, playing off the infamous Taylor Swift Incident (TM) at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards. You can find dozens of such images–of wildly varying degrees of funniness–right here. It's weird how many of them have to do with Pokemon. The Mortal Kombat one up there is probably my favorite right now (not sure why, but Reptile is probably the funniest MK character to reference in that spot), though a couple more good ones follow after the jump.


I'm still not sick of CSI: Miami parodies. Well, maybe a little sick. But it's amazing how versatile they are. There's another one out there with Kanye interrupting David Caruso, but I can't find it right now. (Click to enlarge.)

Look at how disappointed Squirtle looks! (I told you there were a lot of Pokemon ones).

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