Kanye West/Lady Gaga Tour Now Officially Official

After a good amount of speculation due to a lack of official announcements and tour dates disappearing from the Internets, the Kanye West and Lady Gaga “Fame Kills” tour is on for realsies, following press releases from Live Nation this morning.

All of the Taylor Swift/”Imma let you finish”/Obama called him a
“jackass” jokes have pretty much been done to death at this point, so
here's some info: tickets are on sale 10 a.m. next Saturday, September
26; for both the November 15 Honda Center show and the November 16 Staples Center show. Ticket prices not yet available.

It might be fashionable to hate on Kanye for his most recent faux pas,
but that doesn't change the fact that his arena shows are amazing.
2008's “Glow in the Dark Tour” was pretty much a life-altering event
for anyone that was able to witness it, re-imagining a rap concert as a
grand theatrical epic with Kanye as a stranded spaceman. OK, that might
sound sort of stupid, but actually watching it unfold was one of the
most memorable concert experiences in recent history. Not sure what's
in store for Fame Kills, but with Lady “I'm different!” Gaga riding
shotgun, it should be a treat.

One interesting point, though, is that the “Glow in the Dark” tour ended with Kanye lecturing to the audience about how to more properly live life like him (don't let anyone stand in the way of your dreams, essentially), and venue workers handing out copies of his word-lean book Thank You And You're Welcome, full of tips on how to Kanye-fy yourself. Given that he's now going on talk shows and telling everyone that he needs to learn how to be a better person, it would seem a little strange if he continued to try and pass himself off as a paragon of virtue–but hey, all he did was make a teenage girl cry. He's still brilliantly creative and insanely rich. Probably still has some lessons to teach.

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