Kanye West and Lady Gaga Set to Bring VMA Controversy to Anaheim

Heard anything about Kanye West lately? The usually reserved rapper/producer/tireless self-promoter has uncharacteristically made a tiny amount of headlines these last couple of days, but you've probably missed them. (Seriously, though, it must be weird to be called a jackass by the president, off the record to not.)

Well, now that he's gotten all of the “crushing happy moments in beloved teenage girls' lives” out of his system, he's about to start a new tour, one that's coming to the Honda Center in Anaheim on November 15. It's called the “Fame Kills” tour, and it's co-headlined (West has made clear in interviews that she's “not an opener”) by Lady Gaga, who also got some attention for her appearance at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, specifically for her fake blood-stained performance. The pair are also stopping at the Staples Center in LA the next day. Tickets aren't on sale yet, but (slightly) more details are here.

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