Jeff Caudill: Had To Be There

Former Gameface singer Jeff Caudill has been quite the productive artist since going solo a few years back. The OC native– who now lives in LA–has a new EP titled Had To Be There available now. The acoustic five-track disc opens with a new version of the Gameface hit “My Star” and also includes a cover of “Let Go”… otherwise known as the song that plays at the end of the film Garden State. Also of note is the tune “Remember The Time,” which features members of Gameface and fellow OC pop/punkers Farside.

Caudill's got a knack for writing catchy songs, the kinds that get stuck in your head for days. And I mean that in the good way, not the “I-can't-get-this-stupid-Lady-Gaga-chorus-out-of-my-head.”

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01. My Star (acoustic version with Michael Bains on mandolin)
02. Remember The Time (back porch version recorded with members of Farside N Gameface)
03. The Reason Why I Still Live Here (Floormodel song done all organic and pretty)
04. Song For a Princess (a new little lullaby. Dads, I dare you not to cry)
05. Let Go (Frou Frou cover. Remember the end of the movie Garden State? Yeah, that song)

Prices for CD (postage included):
[very limited CD pressing with unique, signed hand-packaged artwork]
$12 – within USA
$14 – outside USA

$5 – Digital EP
[allow one minute to one day to get your download link]


I finally decided to record an acoustic version of My Star. I have been
asked about this for long time and I figured that the year of its 10th
anniversary made sense to finally do it.

Thank for for all of your support and allowing me to continue to make music. -JC

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