Jackie Ojeda on Fidotrust Fest 2009


Long Beach's Fidorust Records is throwing the 2009 Fidotrust
Fest. It's in four Long Beach bars with mostly Long Beach bands, but Fidotrust label owner and fest promoter Jackie Ojeda hopes to draw people from all over.

Booking such an event, which includes two double-decker
party busses that will drive people between bars al night, has its obvious
obstacles. Ojeda explains, “There's paying for the buses, paying for the bands,
paying for the ads. Then you have the added variables of making sure the bands
are going on at the right time, that each door person at each bar is prepped.
It's work.”

But it's all in the name of a good time. Rate-everything
website Yelp.com has come on board to host what Ojeda thinks might be a
scavenger hunt sort of thing on the Big Red Bus.

“They want to do something on
the party bus, and we said sure. I don't know exactly what they have in mind,”
she says.

As if getting access to 16 bands and two party busses were
not enough, everyone who buys a ticket to Fidotrust Fest will receive a copy of
the “Fidotrust Fest '09” compilation CD, which features a track from every band
playing that night.

Fidotrust Fest '09 with Mike Watt and the Secondmen, the Soft Hands, Greater California, Thinking Aloud, Paperplanes and more at Alex's Bar, Que
Sera, The Prospector and The Cellar. Sat., 8 p.m.. $10 pre-sale, $12 at the door of any
of the four bars. For tickets and info, visit www.fidotrust.com.

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