Jack White releases “Fly Farm Blues” single with a “Ball and Biscuit” twist

Have you ever tried to write, play and record a song in 10 minutes? It's probably a bit tough for the average mortal. But Jack White sure makes it look easy as he sits down to scribble out an impromptu track in a rickety old chair next to a microphone, a scene from the sure-to-be-epic documentary It Might Get Loud which hits theaters tomorrow, Aug. 14.

In case you're unfamiliar, this doc traces the careers and influences of White and two other mildly popular guitar heroes: Jimmy Page and The Edge. The 10 minute song we speak of is something White was challenged to do on the spot by director Davis Guggenheim during a scene in the film. What came out of it was a song, eventually a single, called “Fly Farm Blues”.

At this point (if you've spent anytime lurking the internet for Jack White news) you know that not only has White releasing the song on 7″ vinyl through Third Man Records, but also that it bares an uncanny similarity to a song called “Ball and Biscuit” written for the 2003 White Stripes album Elephant. But even if both tunes carry the same scatty blues guitar and throaty howls, there are a couple of notable differences in lyrical content, length and meter. But as a fan, do the similarities really matter enough to make you even think twice about the quality of the new tune? Listen closely after the JUMP, and tell us what you think.

Fly Farm Blues

Ball and Biscuit

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