Incoming: Plain White T's, Autolux Headed to Glass House

Hey there, readers. The Plain White T's, of the inescapable 2007 hit “Hey There, Delilah” are coming to the Glass House on March 31; tickets are $15 and go on sale at noon on Monday (2/23). Autolux are also coming to the Glass House, on April 5–which, given their previously announced Detroit Bar on April 2, means that they're running the very rare Detroit Bar/Glass House gauntlet. How exciting! Tickets for that are $14, and on sale today at noon.
Now, I'd like to link to the YouTube video of Showbiz Pizza robots singing “Hey There, Delilah” but it seems to have disappointed from the Internet. Goddammit. Well, here's Showbiz Pizza robots singing “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)” by the Arcade Fire. Almost as good.

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