Incoming: Gregg Allman at the Grove of Anaheim

How can you tell Gregg Allman is an old-timer? He doesn't have an official MySpace. (At least, not that I could find. And I spent at lesat 15 seconds on Google looking for one!) And his official Web site looks like, uh, this. Wow. Very mid-'90s Geocities. All it's missing is a animated little construction worker guy saying “Under construction!”

But, hey, it's Gregg Allman. He was in the Allman Brothers Band–so what if his Web site sucks? He was married to Cher! What have you done? Created some Flash intros?

Anyway, he's coming to the Grove of Anaheim on July 15. Tickets on sale this Saturday (May 23) at noon. $38-$48.

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