Incoming: Camera Obscura, Ben Lee, More, Coming to The Glass House

Shows, shows, showy show show shows. So many concert announcements lately! And a bunch of neat stuff, like Camera Obscura (pictured), is coming to the Glass House in Pomona, making that long, lonely drive worthwhile.

Ben Lee, Low vs. Diamond
April 29 ($10 advance, $12 at the door, on sale tomorrow, March 27, at noon)
Ben Lee is Australian (“and that's the way I like it.”). Low vs. Diamond play around her a lot. Probably because they're from LA.

Gogol Bordello
May 21 ($25, on sale Saturday, March 28, at noon)
This show is actually at the soon-to-be reopened Fox Theatre, also in Pomona. And since you can't write about Gogol Bordello without writing the word “gypsy,” here you go. Gypsy! There's actually a pre-sale for this, starting tomorrow at 10 a.m. The password is “gyspy.” No joke.

Relient K, Owl City
May 26 ($15 advance, $17 at the door, on sale tomorrow, March 27, at noon)
Christian rock! Go for Jesus! There's a pre-sale for this, going on right now. The password is: RELIENT. Yep. Not as clever.

Passion Pit
May 30 ($12, on sale tomorrow, March 27, at noon)
Massachusetts-born indie electronica act. Not to be confused with the Peach Pit. That's in Beverly Hills.

Camera Obscura
June 9 ($15, on sale tomorrow, March 27 at noon)
Yay! Excellent Scottish pop band in the tradition of excellent Scottish pop bands (Teenage Fanclub, Belle and Sebastian, etc.). Their latest, My Maudlin Career, comes out on April 21.

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