Incoming: Alesana, Anthony Green at the Glass House

“Post-hardcore.” Post, hard, core. Three words that, at one point, wouldn't have made a lick of sense when placed together. But now, it's almost impossible to imagine them without each other. What a world.

The dapper dudes of post-hardcore outfit Alesana (pictured, yep) will be coming to the Glass House in downtown Pomona (d-town P-town, as we prefer) on December 4. Tickets are $13 in advance ($15 at the door), and on sale tomorrow, October 16, at noon. They're from Raleigh, but are signed to Fearless Records, who released their last couple of albums, including 2008's Where Myth Fades to Legend. Fearless is based in Westminster–hey, that's Orange County!

Also coming to the Glass House: Anthony Green, lead singer of Circa Survive and a former member of OC's Saosin. He's doing the solo thing right now, touring behind solo debut Avalon. That show's going down on December 28–the mathematical median between Christmas and New Year's Eve!–with $13 tickets on sale today, like, in a couple hours. (Noon, to be specific.)

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