'Idol' Update: Both of Our Local Contestants Perform

Oh boy. Both of our remaining local American Idol hopefuls–Mishavonna Henson and Kai Kalama–performed on the shizow last night.

Videos and surely insightful commentary after the jump, yep.

San Clemente's Kai Kalama sung Jimmy Ruffin's 1966 tune “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted.” And his mom was in the audience! Aww. Judge New Lady said he's a “really nice guy” but had some “pitch issues” (what an original complaint!), and that the song was a little too old-fashioned. Paula said he was “quite the performer.” Simon said it was “quite corny.” He's mean, you see. Randy agreed, dog. Sorry for the irritating graphics inserted by the uploader.

Irvine's Mishavonna Henson sang (barf) “Drops of Jupiter” by Train, making that song even worse (it's possible, apparently) by doing the arbitrary “I'm a female so I'll switch all the pronouns to male ones lest anyone in the audience be confused” thing. Very LCD. Paula said “she definitely can sing,” but “Drops of Jupiter” wouldn't have been her choice for Mishavonna. See, Paula is lucid sometimes. Simon said it was a “great song.” Moron! Ultimately, though, the performance left him a little cold. Randy agreed that she seemed a little “too old” during the song. Judge New Lady also said it was a great song. WTF? Am I have a stroke? 

The results show is 8 tonight on Fox. It's not looking so great at this point for our dudes, but we'll see.

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