Honeypie's Trisha Smith Talks About Their 'One Tree Hill' Appearance

Huntington Beach band Honeypie had their song “Never Get Enough” played on last night's episode of the CW's charmingly absurd One Tree Hill. A cool deal for any band, but especially for them, given their relative newness–their second show (ever!) as a band takes place this Saturday at eVocal. I talked to Honeypie lead singer Trisha Smith this afternoon about how it all came about–another show appearance in the very near future.

Smith credits her association with Jeremy Barnett of Buddy Buddy Music Publishing, whom she met when still with the band Venus Infers.

“He got our songs when I was in that band on The Real World and The Gauntlet,” she says. “I was talking to him about how after we parted ways and everything that I really wanted to get back in a band, record, do something with music.”

Through Barnett, Smith met Darian Zahedi, who wrote the four songs on Honeypie's EP.

did this as a recording project,” she says. “I didn't even really plan
on making a band out of it. I was doing it for fun, and Jeremy would
try to get our songs on TV shows.”


She did end up forming a band around the project, and they played their first show in March at the Gypsy Lounge in Costa Mesa–after the EP, which features none of the current members of the band other than Smith, was already complete. Kind of backwards, but they're making it work for them.

The connection with Buddy Buddy Music led to another third party working on getting Honeypie into TV shows, and Smith first heard that the One Tree Hill “placement”–the industry term for getting your music in TV shows–was a possibility a month ago, but didn't know it was going to happen for sure until last week.

“I had to sign an agreement,” she says. “I have no idea how much they pay for that kind of thing.”

Smith hadn't even seen the show before last night.

“It's weird how they have music playing through the entire episode, she says. “Even in parts where there should not be music, where it's like, the wrong type of song to have.”

The song played for about a minute, roughly 20 minutes into the episode.

“It was cool, it was exciting,” she shares. “They cut some of the choruses, but but it actually fit pretty well compared to the other songs they used.”

This is a big week for the band–this, the show on Saturday, an appearance on KUCI's Press Pass Music on Thursday, and another possible “placement” on Friday, on CBS drama Ghost Whisperer.

“They're going to use the song 'Uh Oh' on this Friday's episode, same guy that got the One Tree Hill placement,” Smith tells. “He can't say it's 100% for sure but he doesn't see why they wouldn't use it, and it's been in the episode mix. He thinks we're good to go, and he's going to email me if anything changes.”

Look for more on the subject of local bands getting their music on TV in this week's Sound Guy column in OC Weekly. (Shameless!)

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