Holy Poop! New Bob Dylan Album Today!

Today isn't just your normal Tuesday. You've probably noticed. The air is thick with the smell of cogent lyrical metaphors and taut songwriting. It's a uniquely special day, a type of day that we haven't seen in nearly three years–a new Bob Dylan album day. Feel it. Love it.

Together Through Life is out today, following on the heels of his last three universally acclaimed releases: 2006's Modern Times, 2001's “Love and Theft” and 1997's Time out of Mind. It's also the shortest amount of time between studio albums since 1992's Good as I Been to You and 1993's World Gone Wrong. Not bad for an old, old man (68 next month!).

I'm a big Dylan guy–I wrote several now-embarrassing papers on him in college when I didn't want to write about “real” topics–so I'll probably share my thoughts on the record here. But I have to hear it first, natch. Off to my local independent record store!

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