Henry Rollins: Coming to Somewhere Near OC

Singer/actor/poet/writer/DJ/etc. Henry Rollins is bringing the first American stop of his worldwide 2010 spoken word tour to Solana Beach's Belly Up Tavern on Wednesday, Feb. 17.

So far, it's the closest he's getting to Orange County, let alone the state of California, so if you want to see him, start saving your gas money now.

From Rollins' official site: “There will be two different legs, weeks
apart. I have to go to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa between
the two US legs. SO . . . if you don't see your state listed, hang in
there, I will hopefully be in range on the next leg. The tour will be
very long and hopefully I will get to all the places where the is the
smallest amount of interest. As you know, I do the best I can to get
out there. If we get updates, find errors, we will correct them. As
dates come in from whatever continent, we will post them as soon as
they confirm.

Who knows what topics are on Rollins' list this go-round, but what I really want to know is, will he be this intense?…

Or maybe he'll be a little more mellow. Like this.

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