Got a Black Flag Tattoo?

If the answer to that question is yes, then do you want to be in a book? Because if the answer to that question is also yes, you can. According to a MySpace bulletin posted by former Black Flag singer Ron Reyes, a book of people with Black Flag bars permanently inked on their epidermis is in the works. Here's word from Reyes himself:

I got a friend on MySpace who is working on a book called Barred For
Life it chronicles in words and pictures the commitment of a ton of
Black Flag fans who have been “barred for life” by a Black Flag logo (4
bars) tattoo. His team is touring all over North America taking
pictures and interviewing people with said tattoos. At each event,
there is an opportunity to get a tattoo as well. I said I would spread
the word and I'll be at the event. Be there Oct 25th @ Scratch Records
– 726 Richards Street (downtown Vancouver)”

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