Full List of OC Music Awards Winners

Venus Infers, a band we've (along with just about everyone else, it seems) been singing the praises of for a while, were the big winners Saturday at the OC Music Awards, picking up the victory in three categories–best indie, best alternative (not sure how those two are defined, but OK) and best album for The Truth About Venus Infers. A veritable OC Music Award hat trick!

The event itself, at the Grove of Anaheim, went off well, with a professional air and just generally felt like a big deal and a cool thing for Orange County–well, as professional as an awards show in which I was a presenter can be, I guess.

Venus Infers also performed, along with “best live band” winners The Union Line, “best live acoustic” winner Cory Case, Aushua, Humanlab, Japanese Motors, Suburban Legends and Mickey “Who knew he had anything to do with Orange County?” Avalon, who added a decidedly different tone to the event with pantsless backup dancers. I tweeted the shit out of the affair, check that out here.

Winners? After the jump, yo!


Orange County Impact Award

Lifetime Achievement Winner

  • Martin Brown

Best Alternative

Best Blues

Best Club DJ

Best Country/Americana

Best Electronic

Best Hip Hop

Best Metal

People's Choice

Best Pop

Best Punk

Best Rock

Best Surf

Best World

Best Live Acoustic

Best Live Band

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