Free Crap That Came In The Mail: The Slow Poisoner Strikes Again

I feel some definite cognitive dissonance (cog dis, if you will) for calling this “Free Crap That Came In The Mailm” because the negative connotation of crap–things that are worthless and lame–doesn't seem to apply. This is actually all kind of cool. But the more non-judgmental meaning of “crap,” as in, just a lot of random stuff, as in “I got to clean up the crap in my apartment.” (Because it's probably not literal crap that's making your apartment messy, it's probably your belongings, that you enjoy! But if it is literal crap, y'know, eww.)

I'm new to mailings from San Francisco's The Slow Poisoner, the stage name of Andrew Goldfarb. Apparently OC Weekly isn't, calendar editor Erin DeWitt immediately recognized the colorful green envelope all that stuff came in, and former calendar editor Tom Child wrote about Goldfarb last fall.

As you can see, the package contains a comic book (pretty cool, really, with art, apparently by Goldfarb himself, that's kind of like a much more surreal Charles Burns–and apparently I saved $4, according to the cover price! score!), two trading cards, a pamphlet that looks like one of those “are you going to Heaven?” things that a God bother might hand out on a busy street corner or college campus, publicity photo and CD (well, those last two things aren't so wacky, just old-fashioned).

It's all fairly cute and clever, but I imagine most people he sends it too probably just shoves all this, ahem, crap, into the nearest bin. But luckily, I'm not that kind of guy, because it's all kinda rad. In fact, I'll give his next show in the area a little plug: April 2 at the Doll Hut. $5. 

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