Free Crap That Came In The Mail: Kidz Bop 'Greatest Hits'

Yeah, there are some pretty cool perks to this job sometimes.

I was obviously pretty happy to be checking out the Kidz Bop Greatest Hits, though I certainly didn't envy whoever had the Herculean task of narrowing down 15 (!) stellar Kidz Bop volumes over the eight last yeasr into one hit-packed compact disc. Here are the songs that made the cut:

“All Star”
“Get the Party Started”
“Pocketful of Sunshine”
“Party Like A Rockstar”
“The Sweet Escape”
“Bad Day”
“Let's Get It Started”
“Since U Been Gone”
“Hey Ya”
“Sk8ter Boi”
“Hey There Delilah”

No, nothing as gloriously awkward as the Kidz Bop version of “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” but still a good selection. The Kidz Bop “Glamorous” is totally hilarious; I just love the idea of these kids thinkin' back to the hard times they used to have when they were struggling to make a name for themselves, but reminding us that they're still real, y'all. The bowlderization of “make you wanna cumma” from “Hey Ya” is fun. And of course, they had to have “Since U Been Gone,” if only because of the unforgettable video. (Fast forward to 2:37 for the universally recognized Best Part.)

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