Flier of the Week: Upstart at the Continental Room

Is lucha libre imagery played out? Can we blame the abysmal 2006 Jack Black “comedy” Nacho Libre for that? (Please? It really was pretty laughless.)

And if it is indeed played out, what makes this flier so effective? It's just dudes in suits with luchador masks on. Los Straitjackets have been doing that same basic thing for years. And what, exactly, does it have to do with Upstart, the Long Beach-based funk-soul group playing tonight at the Continental Room in Fullerton.

Well, probably nothing, and that might be why it works. The Continental Room is usually at the top of the heap in terms of colorful, eye-catching fliers, and they're memorable because they're not literal. Anyone can photoshop a few fonts onto a band photo, but to connect a funk band to Mexican wrestling takes at least some amount of thought. (Right?)

The show's tonight, and as indicated, the Continental Room's Bobby Soul will also be in the house. Masks optional.

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