Flier of the Week: The Growlers at Ocean Avenue Brewery

It's like the Cats poster meets the back of a dollar bill meets…other stuff!

Costa Mesa band The Growlers put out a lot of music, and in fact last year put out a record rather audaciously entitled Greatest Hits. Just this past week, they celebrated the release of another album, Are You In Or Out? with a show at the Coach House, one with an equally stimulating flier.

They're not slowing down, with a show in the near-future (Oct. 22-style) at Ocean Avenue Brewery in Laguna Beach, the home of “ludicrous stout” and other local favorites. And what better way to present it (or, as the flier implies, for “LocalHipster.com” to present it), than with some wacky, dark, vaguely creepy imagery–which fits their music pretty well, actually.

And now you know where to find local hipsters. Bonus! Check out Are You In Or Out? here.

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