Flier of the Week: Respect II-MMA Fights at Fox Theater Pomona

Look at this flier. Do you see anyone you would be really excited to watch in the Octagon? How about the killer, fourth from the right, with the white bandanna? It makes you wonder if there even should have been a “Respect I.”
 But if you're looking for big names at this event, look no further than the hosts: Tommy “Tiny” Lister (Hollywood's go-to behemoth in movies like Friday, and uh..Next Friday) and Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas. Wow, that seems random. Taboo? Who knew that behind the glossy Top 40 fame lurked the soul of a fighter. Maybe Tiny and Taboo should go at it… now that would be worth the $55 bucks (by the way, judging by the fact that $35 dollar seats in the second level are already sold out, maybe MMA does have a bloodthirsty audience in Pomona after all, albeit a cheap one). And hey, once you've had enough bloodshed,bruises and broken bones you can come back the next day and check out Fox's big Saturday event….weebleworld?

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