Flier of the Week: Pistol at Detroit Bar

Busywork is dead. Apparently.

In its place is a new Wednesday night dance party called “Pistol.” Jon Reiser, Detroit Bar co-owner, filled me in on it a little bit a couple of weeks ago, but much of it still remains shrouded in mystery. But let's see what the flier tells us, eh?

“Cheap drinks all night.” Nothing wrong with that. Joaquin, Nick Hernandez, Dallas Cornell. Those must be resident DJs. They should have more fun DJ names. (Mine is “Wild Ching. Don't steal it!) It also keeps up the Busywork tradition of being free, which is nice. The comic book-y look is fun, which hopefully speaks to the spirit of the evening. Logically, it's probably a metaporical pistol, which is also a good thing. Either way: enough info to interest, enough left out to intrigue. Could be cool. Or not. Who knows! Guess you have to show up. (Oh no, we've fallen for their trap!)

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