Flier of the Week: Park the Van Tour at Detroit Bar

A traffic cone with teeth? Sure, why not!

Nate Jackson blogged earlier in the week about Park the Van tour headliners Floating Action and Generationals, but here's let's focus on two key things: the fun artwork on that flier, and opening band Golden Boots, from Tucson, Arizona.

It would be fun enough just to enjoy the traffic cone man, but the fact
that his buddy is holding a traffic cone bottle (or bong or phallus or
whatever that may be) makes it even better. The colors are great,
though; really bringing the playfully surrealist art to life. Orange
and green–a powerful combination on fliers and in food. There's something oddly comforting about that palette, reminding the viewer of children's television or, uh, traffic cones.

Also, don't sleep on Golden Boots. Their MySpace self-describes the
band as “crumbly western and alt-alt country,” and as bizarre of a
description as that might be, it (mostly) works. Check out their
MySpace and start with “Evil Eye,” one of the most accessible tracks on
there, and then go nuts. It's definitely thinking man's
country-western, as much as it could legitimately be considered country
or western–songs like “Heatwave” don't really resmble even the most outre elements of the genre. Show is tonight at Detroit Bar. $10.

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