Flier of the Week: KUCI Fright Night at the Yost Theater

Open wide. Not to scream, like this weirdo to the left, but in preparation for the consumption of a forceful spoonful of the OC/LB garage punk scene in all it's frighteningly good permutations. Tomorrow, our friendly neighborhood college radio station KUCI is luring audiences into the Yost Theater for “KUCI Fright.”

 If you want rock-n-roll that will scare the shit out of you, apparently this is the place to go.
​Much like the flier,all the bands on the bill are working a stripped down, yet highly effective aesthetic. But even though I've somehow managed to make this plain flier part of my little symbolism spiel, words like “stripped down” and “lo-fi” really don't mean much when the music of bands like Death Hymn Number 9 and Gestapo Khazi is barreling at your ear drums. We would just classify it as “really fucking loud.”

But as you can see, both of those bands are on the bill tomorrow night (Gestapo Khazi headlining). And if leather-clad Japanese punk is more your style, we highly suggest you get acquainted with L.A. by-way-of-Tokyo band Inazuma, who we've mentioned on this blog before. 
The line up is rounded out by Huntington Beach newbies Hindu Pirates and a vintage, crate digging set by none other than DJ Old Boy. Maybe he'll through on some classic Halloween jams. And by that I mean the Misfits. 

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