Flier of the Week: 'Club Matinée' Starting Tomorrow at Fox Theater in Pomona

Yeah, big things are poppin' in P-town these days, especially with the recently reopened Fox Theater. The latest: an all-ages, weekly dance night called “Club MatinNe.” They're already calling it “Southern California's biggest weekly all ages dance club,” and given a real dearth of competition, they're probably right.

OK, I know what you're thinking–all-ages dance night? Danger, Will Robinson! It just seems like Chris Hansen will be lurking somewhere in the shadows. But it definitely looks like they're going all out for the first one–three rooms of dancing, each with several DJs, all of which have various hilariously goofy names (Joe Dirt! Reid Speed! Sir Charles! Mantastique!). They're also quite proud of what genres they'll be spinning: “electro / nu rave / indie / Britpop / indie dance / house / dubstep / drum and bass / wobble / fidget / baseline,” all helpfully spelled out on the flier. Because you know you were waiting for a chance to bust a move to some wobble.

All of these genres and DJs don't come cheap, though. It's an eyebrow raising $20, or $10–before 11 p.m.! with flier! Yow. It does go until 3 a.m., though, which is nice, and keep in mind the dress code: “fitted, fashionable and avant garde.” All three, one would assume–two out of three IS bad in this situation.

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