Flier of the Week: 100 Monkeys featuring Jackson Rathbone of 'Twilight,' Sat., Dec. 26, Detroit Bar, Costa Mesa

What's the point of having a vanity project called 100 Monkeys if you can't have fun with it? Luckily, the quartet of LA-based groove-rockers responsible for the primate moniker aren't afraid to milk the humor for all it's worth. Just check out this weeks flier for their show at Detroit Bar. The fifth dude in the photo (who kinda distinguishes himself with the banana suit) is apparently the band's manager, aptly named Marty the Bananager. A bunch of monkeys managed by a banana? Can you say “comedic genius”? 

In addition to the band's quirky pop charm, there's that star from Twilight. Cheerily strumming on his six string is none other than Jackson Rathbone, who you may know as Jasper Hale from 2009's box office string of melodramatic vampire flicks. 


Besides rocking a rad, vintage porn name, Rathbone has a pretty sweet band. Tunes like “The Monkey Song” (see what we mean about milking the humor?) and “Ugly Girl” (see video below) are sure to grow on those who enjoy rock-n-roll full of levity, debonair swagger and a, ah, banana flavor.

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