Eight Questions with the Quick N Easy Boys

Lots of good stuff comes out of Portland. You got your Voodoo Doughnut, your
Sweetpea Baking Company, your Hillstomp and your bike-friendly
streets (notice no mention of the Trail Blazers–Go Lakers!). Well, add another item to Portland's awesome list
because the Quick N Easy Boys, a trio from Rose City
is hitting the Gypsy Lounge tomorrow night for a funk/punk blast of spaced out
jams, a sound self-described as “honkadelic.”

The group – guitarist/singer Jimmy Russell, bassist/singer Sean Badders and drummer/singer Michael Goetz – have been on the road since late September and are nearly home, where they can look forward to 200 consecutive days of rain. But all that moistness ain't all bad because it helped the threesome record a pretty sweet debut record, Bad Decisions With Good People. If you like the Minutemen, you'll dig this. We tracked down Goetz to get the real scoop behind these PDX dudes.

1. Tell me about a bad decision you've made with a good person.

Apparently, if you drink too much there's bound to be some bad decisions, but surround youself with friends and it usually makes for some good stories. The most recent, in Austin our roadie mooned a cab because he wouldn't take six people and immediately got arrested.

2. Are you excited to leave the rain in Portland and bask in the sun of Orange County?

We are very excited for some sunshine. We've been plagued with rain for the last two weeks. Thought it wouldn't follow us…guess not.

3. Which are you more of: quick or easy?

If they're cute, we're easy. If they're fat, we're quick.

4. What's this I hear about an accident?

We were in Denver and had some drinks with Lewis Black and some friends after one of his shows. Being the responsible band, we bopped in a cab. About one minute into the ride a drunk guy t-boned us and flipped us on our side. I got it the worst with some serious arm abrasions and a had an expensive night's stay in Denver's finest ER. I was out for about four months.

5. Do men with mustaches make better lovers?
Better lovers?

Depends on if you like a little tickle or if you like to taste what we just drank.

6. Describe “honkadelic.”

Honkadelic is a mix of Parliament, Willie Nelson and the Minutemen.

7. Have you ever been to the Space Room Lounge in Portland and if so, how awesome is that place?

The Space Room is pretty sweet.

8. According to MySpace, your current tour began in Forty Wayne, Ind. How confused were the people of Fort Wayne when you rolled into town playing Honkadelic?

The tour actually started in Idaho. We played this punk bar in Fort Wayne, so I think we were pretty thrown off. Everyone really enjoyed the show and FW turns out to be pretty cool with some very nice people.

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