Dusty Rhodes and the River Band Looking for Your Financial Support

You would think that a band on a well-known national indie label like SideOneDummy Records would have all the money in the world; free to spend it on whatever bizarre whims they might devise. Well, you would be really, really wrong, actually.

Such is life for Fullerton's Dusty Rhodes and the River Band, who are currently in the familiar, unenviable position of having eyes bigger than their pocketbooks. They're working on a short film, described by the band as “a colorful and visual performance and story based on the characters in our band and environment.” The problem is, as you've surely guessed, is that such an ambitious project–what with all the colors and the visuals–costs money, something the band doesn't have a lot of to throw at things like this.

So what they've done is establish a site (here) where fans can donate whatever they can to help inch towards their goal. And luckily, the goal is pretty modest: $5,000. So far they've raised $150, so there is still a long way to go. The band seems to realize that asking their fans to open their wallets, in these economic times especially (if you haven't heard, it's not great out there), is a hard sell, but are pressing on regardless.

There are plenty of chances coming up to donate–or not–to the Dusty Rhodes movie fund; this Saturday at Karlfest in Costa Mesa, Sunday at Alex's Bar in Long Beach, and Thursday, October 8 at the House of Blues in Anaheim. The National Endowment for the Arts ain't got nothin' on OC music fans.

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