DJ Rhettmatic and Plann B. present Shift at The Crosby, Mar. 5

Step inside the Crosby on any night of the week and you can be sure of at least two things. One is that there will be someone behind the turntables and the other is that that person knows what the fuck he or she is doing. Oh, and the bar is pretty nice too.

But for those looking to wet their pallet with some serious beats, all you need to know is one word: SHIFT. Several times a month, the Crosby's DJ booth turns into a playground for DJ Rhettmatic (i.e. Beat Junkies, Visionaries,and a shit load more groups and side projects that I don't have time to list) and Plann B (i.e. resident DJ at GO! and Soul Sessions). Tomorrow will be one of those times.

Supplying a mix of classic break beats and infallible grooves of all flavors, these two DJs are ready pack the dance floor. Though technically, that's not hard to do at a place like the Crosby (I wouldn't try busting out any windmills in such a small space). But any one who has been to a crazy dance party at this place knows that it's a sweaty, funky and fun experience with very few rivals.

And did I mention it is free to get in? Wow, how lucky are you?

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