Deep Sea Diver Not Playing with the Fling Tonight, Should Be Fun Anyway

Deep Sea Diver, that always-enjoyable Long Beach band headed up by the multi-talented Jessica Dobson, were originally scheduled to play Detroit Bar tonight as part of the Fling's residency–they're still on the flier on Detroit's website, even–but that's no longer happening, per no less a source than the Fling themselves.

Instead, DSD's Long Beach pals the Fling will be joined by yet another LBC act: So Many Wizards, in one of their last area dates before breaking east to NYC and the CMJ Music Marathon. Playing as scheduled: San Diego trio Tape Deck Mountain, who have attracted all sorts of lofty attention from tastemaking music sites like Stereogum and Pitchfork.

Dobson has been an undoubtedly busy lady as of late, what with playing bass and keyboard with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on their recent national tour and all that. Read Chris Ziegler's article on Deep Sea Diver from last winter here.

Oh, and since it's Monday, and it's Detroit, the show tonight is free; so even with no Deep Sea Diver, there's plenty of reasons to spend a Monday away from football, CSI: Miami, and whatever varous “real life problems” you might be choosing to run from. Music is great for that! (But, in fairness, if you can't pry yourself away from Dancing with the Stars tonight, there are still two more free Fling shows in October to check out. Life's alright sometimes.)

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