Crowdsourced: The Killers at Bren Events Center

The Killers did their thing at a sold-out Bren Events Center in UC Irvine last night, a fairly small venue for such a big act. I wasn't there (was at Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Fox Theater in Pomona, and have yet to master the art of bilocation), but you were. And you had some things to say about it, so enjoy this round-up of tweets from the show. (All creative spellings/selective capitalization are courtesy the individual Twitterers.) Response was uniformly positive to the Killers themselves, but these are always way too harsh on opening bands.

@noahkrueger Killers at Bren kicked ass. Best part: a girl through up near stage, Flowers stopped the song ti see what the commotion was about.

(Um, ew?)

@krupali UCI Bren Center is the WORST concert venue in my 20 year concert going experience–oh and The Killers have the crappiest opening acts #fb

@mmvinnyt Wow I can't believe the killers is going to play at the bren. Such a small venue. How awesome!

@Bujjo In line with 5000 students for The Killers concert at the Bren. Go Eaters!

@MaHaiLi just got back from the Killers concert at UCI. CRAZY GOOD!! More flashing lights and addicting hooks than a fancy electric fishing rod.

@hemeon Killers put on an amazing show tonight at UCI. My ears are ringing with joy. can't sleep 🙂

@pinkpixiesage had a blast at UCI today! The Killers were amazing! got the best pics! front and center!

@krupali At #killers concert- uci has crappy acoustics and who the hell are the opening bands?

@Jenkenstein Not the best quality but you have no idea how amazing the killers were live. It was beyond epic!

@martian_eskimo killers concert was fucking AWESOME. I love those motherfuckers, I really do 😀

@lisa_norris Best concert ever!!! The Killers were amazing!

@angelinarockss The Killers – all time favorite concert! Confetti + barf + annoying the hell out of snob girls = D

@aeclark88 The Killers live = a religious experience.

about 7 hours ago
from web

@ladolcetati – A true Vegas moment from The Killers
(awesome pic!)

MarthaGEspinoza KIllers
were awesome! Very glad a brawl didn't break out bc of my sis. Even
though I was totally ready to beat a b*tch with a bat or fist.

(that's a relief.)

@simplyerin I love The Killers live. <333 Brandon Flowers can sing non-stop. A-mazing. @erikalovesbooks The Killers = awesome show! Barely had a voice on the way in, now def don't!

@laurabug The Killers were fricken awesome tonight! super high energy N fun was had by all

And one from the band themselves:

@thekillers – All warmed up…. Irvine… you gonna get it!

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