Crowdsourced: Paramore at the Fox Theater in Pomona

Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams isn't quite of legal drinking age (she turns 21 in late December), but her and her band have already released three albums, with the latest, Brand New Eyes, out yesterday. That's not all they did yesterday–they also played the Fox Theater in Pomona, though apparently the show was cut short due to vocal problems from Williams.

These folks were there, expressing their enjoyment via Twitter–and, befitting their youthful fanbase, used a lot of exclamation points. (Oh, and don't forget to follow us on Twitter @OCWeeklyMusic.)

@IzeaLies – Oh shit Paramore is in Pomona Downtown is packed.

@amandachristine driving to Pomona to see one of my favorite bands @paramore

@bbsuperstah Paramore was AWESOME in Pomona tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Albert's note: told you about the exclamation points.)

@churdoz at the Fox theater…pretty tight..on the roof right now w/ the 21 n over crowd waiting to get in to see Paramore!

@bullonparade85 @ the fox theater!!!
(Albert's note: fun pic, the front section of the Fox is always on lockdown at the busier shows.)

@BreannaRossman so Paramore is at fox theatre in hollywood playing and my heart hurts because im not there…its ok ill blast them in my car 2night! 😀
(Albert's note: OK, this person wasn't there, but, uh, downtown Pomona is many things–Hollywood?)

@raculfright_13 I got autographs for @R_Cortes0815 from some Paramore members at the Fox and she got to talk to one of them on my phone haha its was kewl.

@JUNIORT Paramore Concert is done. Hayley's voice gave out. Hope u get 2 vocal rest. I know how it feels…We still love u Hayley 🙂

@spazzay PARAMORE CONCERT WAS AMMAZZINNG(: @yelyahwilliams hope u feel better! her voice gave out ): didn't sing full set.. see u thursday! I LOVE YO

@ssabz @paramore 's first BNE concert was cut short…you ok, @yelyahwilliams??

@kimb0slice okay i lied.nii san went to the paramore concert today!haley cried bcuz she couldn`t finish the show because she was sick N lost her voice:(

@VampireLime17 Just got back from the Paramore concert in Pamona. I made this account just so I could say HAYLEY WE LOVE YOU! You did such a great job!
(Albert's note: As good of a reason to join twitter as any, I guess.)

@xxelmo_loverxx Paramore concert tonight was awesome!!!!!!!! Sucks hayley lost her voice on the last song 🙁 oh well still a good concert! Well nighty night

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