Cold War Kids Update: New EP and Shows on the Way!

Mondays aren't usually known for being full of good news. But if you're a Cold War Kids fan, today is a joyous anomaly.

It's come to our attention that the band announced the upcoming release of their new EP, Behave Yourself, out on Jan. 19 (Downtown Records). And they plan to celebrate with a whopping four shows in January, one of which is a sure-to-be sold out show at the Wiltern on Jan. 23. It's only been a week since we talked to CWK drummer Matt Aveiro about his recently premiered short film Jen in the Painting.

And it appears that the band is turning out buzzworthy news on a weekly basis these days. That's alright guys, we ain't mad atcha.

 In fact, judging by the teaser trailer for their video “Audience”, full of aimless antics that involve skate boarding, driving and bathing (yes, bathing) most fans ought to be fairly happy. Check out the video posted after the jump to see what we're talking about.

Oh, and in case you wanted extra incentive to start clicking onto Live Nation right away, the band has made a precarious promise, via MySpace, that all four shows will be recorded and distributed to ticket holders as a free download “if we can figure out the technology”–this coming from a band who gave us an interactive music video.


Here's the teaser:

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