Coachella Update: Set Times Announced (!), Joss Stone Added

Who is that heavily made-up young lady gazing at you from your desktop? Why, it's British neo-soul singer Joss Stone, of course! If you haven't really thought about her in a while, you're not alone, she kind of feels (to me, at least) like a has-been at this point even though she only just turned 22. But that's not really fair of us. She's got a new album, Colour Me Free, out this summer, and she just got added to the Coachella lineup, playing on Saturday at 2:40 p.m. on the main stage.

What's that? A time? A location? Yep, they announced set times today, and you can check them out here. Get ready to be bitterly disappointed by bands you want to see playing at the same times as each other! (We're lucky to have such problems, no?) I'll probably start thinking seriously soon about what I'm going to check out, aka where the cool kids will be, but our guy Andrew Youssef has already done so on his blog, and he did a pretty good job. Look forward to my less hip recommended schedule soon.

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